Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force token is a cosmic phenomenon that possesses restorative tokenomic properties that can instantly raise coins when they fall and legend has it can even grant moonshot immortality.

The problem with 99% of the Defi tokens out there is that sometimes they catch fire and sometimes they have built in buy-backs features, but given time most cannot withstand the agony of age and user shiny object boredom, which eventually leads to them withering away like the coldness of life itself.

The sorcerers and engineers at Phoenix Force Token have a combined 100 years of crypto and dark magic experience together. They’ve constructed the greatest smart contract coin ever to be forged by woman (which we expect to be cloned by a thousand shittier coins in the next few weeks).

Long term, we’re creating a community of people who want to see things live forever including an NFT platform.



Phoenix Force Token

Number of units




Burned into the ashes of the phoenix
  • 6 Months Liquidity Lock
  • 100% Fair Launch
  • Anti-Whales BuyBack blackhole:

    Max buy/sell/transfer per transaction is 0.5% of Total Supply.

    A auto-adjust fee on sells further punishes large transactions and reduce the likelihood of a whale dump: this fee can go up to as high as 28%.


    Buy-backs on sells


    Lazarus Fund to help revitalize on dips. If the coin dips more than 50%, the smart contract dips into the Lazarus Fun pool to buy back and revitalize this from the dead.


    Buy-backs on buys


    Marketing tax


    Anti-whale dumping

    The Undying Lands

    NFT platform

    We plan on launching our The Undying Lands an NFT platform dedicated to everlasting digital art.



    Jean Grey

    Fearless leader. Math major and 8 year crypto guru

    Emma Frost

    CTO - 6 years in Investment Banking

    Professor X

    Mathematician and crypto trading guru. Conference speaker

    Ra's al Ghul

    Influencer marketer killer for North America


    Moon Girl

    Programming assistant to the regional manager


    Phase 1

    • A group of seasoned investors, mathematicians and friends got together to review why all of these Defi crypto projects never seemed to work out.
    • They ran some data modeling and applied it to new type of tokenomics
    • The Phoenix Force was born and so was the launch of
    • Birthing onto the scene and being listed on
    • Applying to
    • Working with a group of influencers to preach the new way to run Defi coins
    • Working to build the community group up to 5,000 tg members and 3,000 twitter

    Phase 2

    • Lay some more eggs and continue to perfect the concept of a long running token
    • Continue building on community to get to 10,000 tg members, 5,000 twitter followers and 5,000 long term holders
    • Work with other coins to cross promote while teaching them the way to stay alive longer
    • Techrate Audit
    • Publish whitepaper

    Phase 3

    • Launch NFT site
    • Continue building on community

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